Monday, July 2, 2012

Dinosaur Camp

Last week my sister, Cody, and I did a dinosaur 'camp' for Lane, Brooks, and Katy.  I think the kids had fun with it, and maybe learned a few things? Pictures are the best way to explain what we did, so here they are! We started out the day just playing with all the toy dinosaurs Brooks and Lane had.  I don't have a picture of all of those, but there were quite a few!  Then we all sat down and Cody read some books about dinosaurs.  Yes, even Keely got in on the reading!
Then Cody had the kids make dinosaur 'fossils' out of some dough she made out of flour, water, and salt (I think).  It was pretty fun for all the kids...and maybe us too.

 Brooks had the most fun using the bone shaped cookie cutter :)

 Earlier in the week, Brooks and I had made some more jello eggs for our snack.  We called them dinosaur jello eggs.  Brooks was very excited!  We also had pretzel sticks as dinosaur bones, but Brooks wouldn't eat them...of course.
 Lane and Katy enjoyed the eggs as well!

After we finished our snack, we watched a video on dinosaurs Cody had got from the York library, but it wasn't a real great one, so the kids weren't too interested in it.  So they just ended the morning playing with the dinosaurs figurines.  Then on Saturday we had decided to take the kids to the dinosaur museum in Milford.  Cody had called earlier in the week to see how long they would be open that Saturday, and they told her 5.  We thought that would be great, we'd wait until later in the day to go so that the kids could still take a nap first.  We got there about 3:45, and they were closed!! We were all so disappointed! I can't believe they closed before the 5:00 they told her! Makes me never want to go there again!!  So we had to come up with a plan B to do with the kids.  We drove on to Lincoln and ended up going to a place Cody had heard of.  It is called Lost in Fun and it's just a big play place for kids of all ages.  Brooks was not too sure of all the screaming kids and crazy things to do, but he finally started to enjoy it when he found a train table.  Then he found the ball pit and had a blast.  He didn't want to leave it! So we just sat by the ball pit pretty much the whole time! I think Lane and Katy had way more fun exploring everything else, but we were just happy Brooks found something to enjoy since when we got there he didn't even want to be set down! (I think he maybe thought we were going to leave him there at this crazy 'daycare'!).  

Brooks thought is was hilarious when daddy jumped in!
 Brooks also really liked it when Lane joined him, but Lane didn't stay long...there were way too many other fun things for him to do!

So at least we had a fun ending to Dinosaur Camp, just not what we had intended!

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