Monday, September 24, 2012

York Children's Museum

It had been awhile, but last Saturday we went back to the York Children's Museum to play with Lane, Katy, and another mom from Henderson and her 2 kids.  Brooks has enjoyed it in the past, but normally we go during the weekday that it is open, and there are usually a lot less kids then.  There were not that many this Saturday, but still enough that it took Brooks a while to get brave enough to enjoy himself! When Blake asked him later how it was, Brooks told him that he cried.  When Blake asked him why he cried, he said, "Too many kids".  (I think he takes after me too much sometimes!).  Anyway, here are some pictures of the fun, they are a little fuzzy because they were taken on my iPhone, but you'll get the idea!

Brooks saw Katy trying on some of the dress up clothes, and he wanted to do it too.  This is what finally got him to break out of his shell and start playing!
He wanted to be the horse! He wasn't so sure at first, but then he thought it was funny

Katy was a was so cute!

 Driving a car!
 Keely had fun just watching everyone...I think she wanted to get down and run around too!
 Once I took Brooks to the room where the groceries were, he had so much fun.  The boy loves to go grocery shopping with us, and getting to pick out his own things was fun for him I think!

 It's fuzzy, but he was clapping he was so excited! His cart got full pretty fast
 Pondering his next purchase....

We ended up going to eat at Wendy's then with Cody and Kara and their kids, so Brooks had a pretty fun morning after all!

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