Thursday, September 20, 2012


The weekend after Labor Day, York had it's 'community days' called Yorkfest.  So you know what that means...yup, another parade! Brooks was soooo excited to go to another one! Grandma and Papa came up for Saturday and went with me and the kids while Blake had to work.  Thank goodness it was much much cooler out for this parade than the previous week in Smith Center! Made it so much more enjoyable! And it was so cute, once we sat down for the parade, Brooks says, 'where's Kansas?' Guess he thought she should be at all the parades with him now!

Brooks and Papa all ready for the parade to start

 Candy!! Brooks kept wanting to just eat everything he picked up instead of watching any of the parade...oh well
 Keely did good during this parade too and just watched from her carseat for most of it
 Brooks was not shy at all to run out and get candy from the street this time.  He was all over that! Luckily we were not around too many other kids either, so he pretty much had free reign of the area we were at.
 Papa, can I have another piece?  I think I probably let him have way too much, but oh well!
 The dogs walking in the parade were probably his favorite!
I didn't get a shot of his bucket full of candy, but he got just as much as he did in Smith Center.  I don't think we even need to go trick or treating and get more! I'm running out of room in my closet to hide it all!
While we were walking back to the car, Brooks tripped on the sidewalk and smacked his head on the cement.  I didn't see it happen, but heard the screams! He actually calmed down pretty quickly and was pretty tough about it all.  Grandma suggested we get a wash rag with an ice cube in it to hold on his bump, and Brooks loved that idea! He wanted it the rest of the day and off and on for the whole week after too!
 You can kinda see the bump/scrape in this picture.  It didn't swell too terrible thanks to the ice, and didn't seem to bother Brooks much.  He's a tough boy...helped that we got to go eat at Wendy's after the parade...He loves to eat out places! (if he'd only try some of my other cooking besides rice, corn, peas, and frozen nuggets, maybe he'd like to eat at home cooking isn't that bad! really!)
 Keely enjoyed grandma and papa time too...and she wants anything and everything she can get her hands on...especially a frosty...someday, Keely, someday!

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