Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend at Grandma's

Over Labor Day weekend, Blake went hiking with his Dad, brother, and Uncle Kelly near Estes Park, Colorado for Blake's Dad's birthday.  They attempted to climb Long's Peak, but only made it about half way up.  They still had a great time camping and hanging out together for the weekend.  Here's a picture of Blake, Larry, and Kelly before they left to meet Luke up in Colorado.
Instead of staying home by ourselves, Brooks, Keely, and I went along with Blake to Smith Center and just spent the weekend at Grandma's.  Brooks enjoyed helping Grandma in the kitchen....here they are making a chocolate pie.  They also made jello...luckily with no major spills :)

 It was also Old Settlers Day weekend in Smith Center, so Brooks got to go to another parade! He was very excited to get more candy because he remembered the parade from earlier this summer in Henderson. We got to sit with Aftan and Steven and their little girl, Kansas.  Brooks wasn't too sure he liked being around another kid at first, but after the candy started being tossed, he didn't care one bit!

 Handfuls and Handfuls of candy...

 Uh, Brooks you took it all! We had to remind both Kansas and Brooks to share with each other!

 Keely slept through the first half of the parade, but it just got too noisy and she had to join in the fun.
 Look at what all I got, Keely! (way too much candy!)

 Brooks and Kansas checking out their loot
 yes, he even got a comb
 It was a fun weekend even though it was still pretty hot outside.  So glad it's cooled down now! Brooks got to sleep in a big boy bed at Grandmas.  I was a little worried how he'd do in a new place, but he did fine.  Although, the second night we had a first, Brooks fell out of bed! Grandma got to him right away since she heard it being in the room right next to him.  It took me a second to wake up and realize what happened when I heard him cry on the monitor, but by the time I went up to check, Grandma had him calmed down and falling back asleep.  About 30 min later I was up with Keely, and after I got done feeding her and rocking her back to sleep I check Brooks' monitor.  He was still moving a little (this was about an hour after he had fallen out).  I watched him for just a few seconds when I happened to see him drop his little plastic bunny (he found it in his bedroom at Grandmas the first night and latched on to it the whole time we were there and needed it at both nap and bedtime...so funny and cute!)  I was just going to go upstairs and hand it back to him when I saw an arm reach up and give it to him! Grandma had laid down beside the bed to make sure Brooks wasn't scared and could fall back asleep.  So funny that I just happen to be looking at the monitor the moment Grandma handed him the bunny!  Anyway, Brooks slept fine in the bed the rest of the weekend and didn't fall out again!

Keely did pretty well being away from home too, except for the fact that she is stranger weary and had her moments when she didn't want anyone else to really hold her except mommy!  She has also lately started to refuse to nurse sometimes and prefers the bottle...very frustrating for me! Although I'm glad she likes the bottle and am looking forward to the day I quit nursing, my goal is to make it 6 months, so we've got a couple more to go!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend, and Keely did have a good time.  She loved laughing at her cousin Aftan!


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! Thanks for posting.
G-ma B.

The Burgess family said...

Don't we ALL love laughing at Aftan ;)