Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Keely's Dedication

The first Sunday in March, we had Keely dedicated at our church.  Surprisingly in our little church, there were 4 families that had a child to dedicate that morning.  Here are some pictures from the morning. 
Keely getting ready for church with Grandma Burgess
 Keely making faces at Grandma Jost during church
 Here are the four families with children being dedicated.  Tiffani and Jon with Noah, Eric and Shelly with Melody, us with Keely, and Austin and Danielle with Bria.

Our church gives a kids Bible story book to the child being dedicated.  Keely will love it one day I'm sure (when she learns not to rip pages of paper books!)

 Brooks being silly and taking his shoes off after church
 Keely was happy when the service was over...she just wanted to crawl and mess around!
 Our first family photo together since Keely was probably 2 months old...whoops! maybe we should do that more often!
 With my parents
 with Blake's parents

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