Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Teaser

Last weekend before it got cold again, we had a couple of really nice days! It was such a tease before we got a couple more snow storms! Thursday was especially nice and we were able to enjoy some fun outside time.  Lane, Katy, and Scarlett came over and it was so nice to be able to play outside for once again!

 Keely has never really been able to play outside, and I think she loved it.  Now we just wait for her to learn to walk so she doesn't have to scrape up her knees and hands crawling around on cement! I also learned already that she is completely different than her brother.  I had to stop her more than once from sucking on a rock, or a stick, or a leaf.  Brooks never dared put things like that in his mouth!
 Lane did a good job setting up the cones for Brooks, Katy, and Keely to knock down.

 Katy and Brooks were wearing their same "Plays well with Otters" shirts that they got from Grandma Jost from their trip to California.  They thought it was pretty funny they had the same shirt on!

 I think this picture sums up Brooks' and Katy's relationship pretty well...Katy says, I like you Brooks, and Brooks says, I don't trust you yet Katy! She's told him 'no' too often over the past year when he plays with her (he's really had a hard time with her telling him he can't play with something!) that he's still not totally sure she won't do it again! Katy has always just been too aggressive for him! But after they left this time he told me right away that, "Katy didn't say no!"  They are both getting older, and it's fun to watch!

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