Monday, March 18, 2013


Brooks has really been obsessed with the PBS show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood lately.  It's actually been really great for him because he wants to copy things he sees Daniel or others do in the show.  He LOVES strawberries now because one of the episodes is about strawberry picking.  He also really likes the idea of camping after watching Daniel and Owl camp on the show.  I'm hoping the one about potty training will set in with him soon!

Earlier today I asked Brooks if he would like to try camping in a tent with Daddy sometime, maybe at Grandma and Grandpa's farm.  He said yes, but then said Daniel has a friend with him camping.  So I told him maybe Lane would want to do it too sometime and he liked that idea! Tonight Brooks was pretending to make a tent out of a brown blanket and Keely's baby activity mat.  Blake got the idea to get the real tent out and set it up in the basement, and we had one very excited little boy about that idea!

 He could hardly wait for Blake to open the door!

 checking everything out...

 Something just wasn't quite right with the tent...we needed sleeping bags! Brooks was so excited that we had a red one like Daniel Tiger and a blue one like Owl used. 

 Bundled up for 'bed'
It was fun for the evening to pretend and see Brooks want to act out what he sees on tv.  I love seeing his imagination grow! I'm just hoping we won't have a fight over when it is time to take it down! It takes up quite a bit of room!

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Cody said...

Lane would love to camp with Brooks! Maybe we could send all the boys on a father/son camping trip :)