Friday, August 2, 2013

A Wedding and Cousins

A couple of weekends ago, we had a houseful of family and a wedding to attend in Omaha.  On Thursday, Blake's parents and Brooks' cousin Pearl were the first ones to get here.  Brooks and Pearl had fun playing in the afternoon before Pearl's siblings and parents arrived late Thursday night.  Thursday evening Blake's parents and I took Brooks, Keely, and Pearl to Wendy's and then swimming at the hotel in York. Brooks actually loved the swimming this time, and we will have to continue to build on that since we haven't had the greatest of luck getting him to enjoy the big pools.  (It doesn't help that we have only gone like twice this summer....whoops!)
 Brooks actually jumped in holding Grandma's hands a few times and liked it! But when we got a little water in his mouth he wasn't impressed with it anymore!
 But at least we got him away from the shallow stairs!
 Keely had fun!

 Keely also had fun showing Cheyenne to Rosa!
Then on Friday we drove to Omaha for Blake's cousin, Mark,'s wedding.  The kids struggled to sit still during the ceremony (especially after riding in the car for 2 hours), but they did ok.  Brooks kept Pearl entertained with the iPod.
 Keely was a little more difficult to keep still.  She was very busy going from one person to the next, but we survived.
 Here's the one picture we got of Mark and Liz!
 The kids had much more fun at the reception.
 Brooks dancing to the live singer they had as everyone was getting there.
 Keely enjoying a roll of bread
 I was a little worried what we would find our picky eater to eat there, but he has to learn at some point to just eat whatever is available, so we found what we could! He ate a couple of bread rolls (he has never eaten bread in a roll shape before, so this was actually good for him!).  Plenty of blueberries, strawberries, and grapes, and a few pieces of plain lettuce with a little cheese on it.  He also tried the cooked zucchini slices, but wasn't a fan of the peppery spice that was on it, but at least he tried!
 We attempted to take a family photo, and didn't get a real great one, but oh well!
 We also attempted a cousin picture, and this is the best one I got! It was hard to get 6 kids to look at the camera and smile all at once!

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