Monday, August 19, 2013

A Weekend Trip to Omaha-Baseball Game

A couple of weeks ago, we took one of Blake's weekends off and planned a trip to Omaha with Blake's parents.  We went to an Omaha Stormchasers baseball game Friday night and then the Omaha Zoo on Saturday.  Brooks was really excited to spend the night in a hotel again, and both kids did really well the whole weekend.  We stayed at the DoubleTree Suites and so both rooms we got had a separate 'living room' from the main bedroom.  This worked out perfect for our family because Keely could sleep in the pack n play in her own room in the living room of our room and Brooks could sleep on the pullout sofa bed in Grandma and Papa's room.  Having the kids have their own sleeping space separate from ours worked out really well...especially with Keely!
Here are some pictures from the baseball game
 Brooks was really excited to go
 We were pretty close to the field, so we had to pay attention to the game so we wouldn't get hit by a foul ball! A few were hit our way, but not close enough to catch one for Brooks.
 Keely did well for the first part of the game, as long as she was snacking!

 Papa bought Brooks a blue slushy...he loved that it gave him a blue tongue, and definitely gave him a sugar rush to make it through the rest of the game!
Towards the end of the game, Grandma got Keely to finally fall asleep.  The game started at 7 and by 10, we started making our way out of the stadium since it was getting so late for the kids! We started walking out at the end of the 8th, but ran into a couple of Blake's college friends (JD and Clint) on our way out, so we stopped to talk to them for a little bit.
 As we were leaving the stadium, we heard a loud bang on the roof of the stadium, and when I turned around to see what it was, it was a foul ball! There wasn't really anyone else around, so I started running towards it, and about that same time, Blake realized it was there too.  He was holding Keely, but took off after it too.  I quickly realized I am pregnant and can't move real fast, and stopped running, letting Blake run the rest of the way to get it! Brooks was super excited to get a foul ball! I don't think he realizes how rare it is to get a real foul ball, but it was still special! This picture was from Sunday on our way home, but he still was excited!

 I have a ton more pictures from the weekend, but I'll put them in the next post as I need to go get the kids down for nap now!

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