Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fresh from the Garden

We are still struggling to get Brooks to try new foods.  However, for some reason, he will try anything that is straight out of the garden.  It seems completely strange and opposite of what I would have expected from a 3 year old, but we are not complaining! One of Brooks' favorite things this summer has been going over to Grandma Jost's house and look in her garden for fresh veggies and fruit.  Here are some pictures from early summer...Brooks is checking out the first of the cucumber crop. 
 He was super excited to pick one!
I know this isn't the garden, but he liked checking out some of grandpa's corn on that trip too.  It was so short then!
 Enjoying his first fresh cucumber of the season!
Since that first cucumber, we've had lots of opportunities to pick and try all sorts of things from the garden....
Green beans have been a favorite...he won't eat them well after they have been cooked or even brought home, but if we pick them straight from the garden, he'll eat 3 or 4 before moving on to something else.
 Lots and lots of cucumbers...

 Another favorite, Raspberries!! Brooks loves them fresh from the plant, but won't eat them real well if I buy them at the store.  Who knows why...
He'll even eat some cherry tomatoes in the garden, but won't touch them if I buy them...

 Keely even got in on some zucchini tasting.  Both kids weren't huge fans of the fresh zucchini, but they both took several bites before putting it down.

 And then of course fresh sweet corn has been a huge favorite!
With the help of Grandma Burgess, we planted a few tomato, cucumber, zuchinni, and pepper plants in our backyard, but they haven't produced anything yet.  As of this morning when we checked, we do have some small green tomatoes growing and some itty bitty green peppers, but that's about it.  It won't be a bumper crop, but maybe we can enjoy a few things!
 Keely hasn't been as big of a fan of the fresh veggies like Brooks always has been, but she's at least trying! I think the sweet corn has been her favorite so far.  She is not a huge fan of cucumbers, and plays with them more than anything!

 So our little rabbit eater has had fun this summer eating a lot of vegetables.  We are now awaiting some fresh bell peppers to be ready!

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