Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Barrett!

This past week we celebrated Barrett turning ONE! Brooks has been watching the days go by on our November calendar all month waiting for Barrett's birthday to come.  Both Brooks and Keely were so excited for the party.  I had talked about what kind of cake to make for Barrett with the other kids a couple of months ago, and we had decided on a dog cake since Barrett seems to love dogs.  After looking on pinterest for ideas, we settled on one in particular.  It was definitely going to be the most elaborate cake I had attempted, but the kids were so excited for it, and it was too cute in the picture not to give it a try.  Brooks and Keely wanted a Dalmatian dog after one of their favorite characters, Marshall, on Paw Patrol.  So Friday I spent most of the day baking 2 cakes, one chocolate, one white, making 2 frostings and 2 batches of marshmallow fondant.  It was a lot to tackle, but I loved the end result.  And it was fun! I think Barrett liked it too!

 Barrett was unsure about the cake at first (even though he has eaten some bites of cupcake before, so it wasn't entirely new)
 He wasn't sure how to eat it, so he tried to just bend over and take a bite, but the tray got in the way. (reminded us all of Brooks taking bites out of his whole cake the past 2 years!)
 I finally  grabbed the slice of cake and let him take a bite. 
 Then he decided it was pretty tasty and finished off the rest on his own!
 As much as Barrett loves to rip paper, I figured he would have no trouble with unwrapping, but he didn't seem to have a whole lot of interest and needed some help.  Brooks and Keely had no problems assisting! 
But Barrett did get into ripping up tissue paper :)
 Brooks and Keely loved helping him out and checking out all the new toys. 
 Happy Birthday Barrett! We are looking forward to what this next year will bring!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and was a fun party!