Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some of my best pics I took

This one is take on timer on the camera that I set up. We are on the fishing bridge in Yellowstone. It really is a great picture of all of us.
This one here is of irrigation pipe I took one day outside of Sterling, KS. The light on them is great and the lines they have make this pic.
This one is of me I took on a timer. It took it on the tracks in SC. The shadow from me down the rail is great.
I took this one of Nathan, John & Kyle in Montana. That would be the lake we slept at and we were in this huge valley. Which if you see the next pic you will see that whole valley.
This one is actually 3 together. I took 3 on my old film camera then hooked them together on the computer. In the regular pictures you could see the lakes we fished at. I really like this one.

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Anonymous said...

Good pics. Make sure and e-mail your grandparents about your new blog. They will be excited to see the baby's pics.