Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Christmas blizzard Part 1

We had to drive to Nebraska for Christmas. It turns out it snowed and iced on the way there. On the way were heard that the winter storm warning had been lifted and Casey and I were like yessss. Then they said it has been changed to a blizzard warning. We were in Council Bluffs at the time. Another 2 hrs to go. These pic Casey took in Iowa while it was light out. Mostly ice until Omaha. Outside of Omaha it turned to snow and blowing snow. Outside of Lincoln it was blowing and snowing so hard there were several miles that I had drive from dash to dash down the middle of I-80. It was fun. The picture of Denali is her in the back of the truck. We had to make room for her, we were going to put her in the dog carrier in the bed. But, the night before I had a dream of us crashing and denali flying out and Casey and I being ok but Denali was dead so we didn't want that. Oh yeah and it was really cold and snowing out. So she was crammed behind Casey's seat.

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