Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Boy

This is a picture of his feet from the bottom. The Good news is he has enough toes I would sure hate for him to be missing his big toes. He would fall down alot.
This one is a straight on view of him. It looks funny because he was holding his arms in front of his face. So, they had to take the sonogram through his arms. The white on the face is his nasal bones. I think it makes him look like some kind of alien or a killer from a horror movie. I guess we will see when he come out.
There is my boys man hood. I can't wait to show this pic to his wife on their wedding night. I'm just kidding. I will probably show it to her earlier than that.
Side view of our boy. The pic isn't real good because it was the one I took around showing people so it got a little wrinkly.


Kristen said...

Yay for a baby boy!!! They may not know it yet, but our little guy and your little guy are very excited for their first play date. Of maybe it's their dad's that are excited...

Blake & Casey Burgess said...

yes kyle and I are excited to play together forget the kids