Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I've been meaning to put up pictures of Brooks' new ACE play mat he got for Christmas from Grandma and Papa, but I just hadn't taken any until last week.  Brooks absolutely loves to play with it...in several ways! He does the typical driving of cars and trains on it, but he also loves to run all over the ACE building.  The kid loves ACE!  We have this air pump that blows out air (it's to fill up his bouncy dog) and he loves it when I pump air onto his face.  Once he's 'pumped' up he runs to his ACE mat and yells, 'AAAAACCCCCCEEEE, AAAAAAAACCCEEEE' as he spins in circles over the ACE building.  It's quite silly! Anyway, Brooks is getting good use out of his new play mat.  It's perfect for him since it has an ACE building, a football field, train tracks, a duck pond, and even a dog in the park!  Pretty much all of Brooks' favorite things!

 Brooks made Daddy drive the ACE truck to ACE to deliver the weekly order :)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see him enjoying it. Isn't it about time for all of you to come to SC again? :)
G-ma B.