Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I woke up this morning with plans of running some errands around town, but when I saw the temperature was below zero and was only going to get in the low teens for the day, I decided to alter those plans.  I didn't want to have just a boring day at home, so I tried to come up with something Brooks and I could do that was out of the ordinary.  Since it's close to Valentine's Day and I have a heart shaped mini cake pan I got at ACE this last year (it had been in inventory for a long time and Blake was going to put it on the big clearance sale so I said, sure I'll maybe use it someday!) , I decided Brooks and I should make Daddy some heart-shaped cakes! I wanted to make red velvet, but without the right mix at home, we had to settle for Dark Chocolate cake...I think Blake liked that better anyway!  I wasn't sure how into it Brooks would be, but turned out he had a blast helping!
He looks a little unsure what we are going to do with this big bowl at first! 
He wanted to help crack the eggs, but luckily he settled for watching mommy crack them and he could stir them!
He did such a good job stirring and not spilling over the sides!

It got a little messy when he tried to help me fill the hearts, but not terrible!
Waiting for them to come out of the oven and cool on the rack
 First round done!  I wasn't sure how full to fill the pan, so they got a little puffy, but close enough to heart shaped! 
Now for the frosting!
I think we need more milk mommy!
We made pink and red frosting along with the white.  That was fun to see the color change!

Now for the really fun part, sprinkles!!!!  He chose pink frosting for Daddy with red and pink sprinkles

The finished product! Brooks was pretty proud of them! (and Cody, he has started opening his mouth wide when I ask him to smile just like Lane used to! so funny!!)

He only stuck his finger in the very last cake we made...not sure why he all of a sudden thought it would be a good idea, but that's ok! I tried to get him to try it and lick off his fingers, but my little picky eater wouldn't do it.  He wasn't too happy with the messy hands and wanted them cleaned off right away!

I only made 2 pans of the hearts and did the rest of the cake batter into cupcakes that I sent to work with Blake for the ACE employees.  Turned out I think my frosting was a little too thick this time for the hearts because it was really hard to frost the sides of the little cakes.  Next time I think I will use a more runny frosting so it kind of falls down the sides like a glaze and you may actually be able to see the heart shape better!  Overall though I think the project was a success!  Sure kept Brooks and I both entertained this morning!

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