Thursday, February 23, 2012

What we've been up to

Nothing too exciting has been happening the past couple weeks around our house.  It's pretty much life as usual! Blake's been pretty busy at the store.  He's working at getting some new displays and stock out on the floor for spring, ordering plants and preparing for the greenhouse we'll have this year, getting other spring items out like fertilizer, trying to look at Christmas stuff for next year that he'll have to order at the Ace Show the 2nd weekend in March, and just handling day to day operations.  He needs a filing cabinet in his head to just try and keep everything straight! I've been trying to get the house somewhat organized before baby comes while trying to keep Brooks entertained and keep up with the store books! Busy busy for our 'slow' time of the year! 

Here are just a few pics of what we've been up to.  A few weeks ago before we had our snow storm, we had such nice weather that Brooks and I spent a couple of afternoons exploring the backyard. 

 Cheyenne sure loved the company!
Brooks has also discovered a new place to play his iPod :)

We finally got around to getting our shelves put up in the living room.  Blake hates to put up these kinds of shelves, so he dragged his feet on the project for a while.  Finally I got all the shelves marked and measured and leveled on the wall and all he had to do was drill the screws in for me.  Worked pretty well and we didn't have to redo any of them! Thank goodness! I think they will be up until we move out of this house they are that much of a pain! Brooks had to be a little helper throughout the project and get his toy drill out to be like Daddy.  At least one of us could have fun with it!

Here is the finished product!

Brooks has also really enjoyed coloring lately.  We color in his notebook or coloring books at least once a day.  Finally he is wanting to color on his own and not make mommy draw things for him as much! (I was really getting tired of drawing bird after bird on every page!!)

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The Burgess family said...

your living room looks great! but oh my gosh, I know what you guys mean about hanging shelves, Luke and I almost lost our marriage to some shelves like that once ;) Glad yours went up without a hitch!