Saturday, February 4, 2012


Finally it actually feels like winter around here! We have been enjoying the nice weather, but we really missed having snow around! (especially for our snow related merchandise that needed sold at the store!!)  To our delight last night we were blessed with an 8-10 inch snow! Yay! It was actually very pretty when we woke up this morning.  Although it meant I had to leave an all evening scrapbook work night a little early, I was still happy for the storm!  Here are some of the pictures I took today. 

 We lost a few branches from this little tree from the weight of the very wet snow, but other than that, no real damage!  And we never lost power, only a couple of flickers in the morning...thank goodness!
Brooks loved seeing the snow again!
I thought about taking him outside to play in it, but since the silly boy won't wear any mittens, I knew the time would be short.  I just didn't feel like getting all bundled up for 10 min of play!  Maybe tomorrow or later in the week!
So we just enjoyed watching Daddy snow blow the driveway (twice!)
And play a little with Cheyenne.  She loves the snow, but it makes for a messy dog! It is better than rain though since she just gets wet instead of muddy.

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The Burgess family said...

those are really pretty snow pictures! We have yet to have a snow like that here. we've had several very small snows, but nothing really great like that!