Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Very Special Day

Welcome to the world Keely Jane Burgess!
Keely Jane was born on May 3 at 12:17am and was 7 lbs 13 oz and 18.5 inches long.  Everything went smoothly with delivery, and she's a beautiful, healthy baby girl!  I woke up Wednesday during the night several times to stronger contractions, but since I had been having them off and on since Saturday, I wasn't too concerned.  I didn't feel well all that morning, but just kinda rested since Blake didn't go into work until noon.  Brooks and I went in to ACE after lunch and I worked and stopped at the grocery store all while having contractions that seemed to be getting more regular.  I finally called the doctor at around 2 and they told me to come in this time.  I had just put Brooks down for a nap, so I waited until my mom arrived around 3:15 to stay with Brooks and then Blake came home from work and we went in.  They obviously kept us this time and had me started on a small amount of pitocin to keep things moving.  I finally had an epidural around 8 or 8:30 that evening (I think) and after that I felt much better.  I was still feeling the strong contractions like every 2 minutes, but it was better than before.  They upped the medicine in the epidural and they checked my progress around 10:45, but I was still only 5 cm dilated.  At this point the doctor predicted the baby would come around 2am, so I think everyone just kinda relaxed and had it in our minds it would be awhile yet!  I actually fell asleep around 11:20 for about 20 min until the nurse decided to check me again just to see how far I was.  This was at like 11:50 and she was shocked to find that I was completely dilated and the baby was just about to come out and we could have the baby before midnight if we tried! (I was completely numb from the waist down and could feel nothing thanks to the excellent epidural!) However, they had nothing prepared in the room for baby to come and the doctor wasn't even there at that point, so we couldn't quite get her before midnight.  I started pushing around 12:05, and she was out by 12:17! So no, we did not purposely wait until May 3 to have Keely so that her and Brooks would have the same birthday.  She almost came May 2! The doctors said we could 'fudge' the time and make it May 2, but we decided to just keep the exact time she was born no matter what! So Happy Birthday to my 2 babies exactly 2 years apart!  Keely and I are both doing fine (I feel so much better already than I did being pregnant!).  Now for what you all have been waiting!!
 Brooks meeting Keely for the first time.  He wasn't too sure what to think!

 First attempt at a family photo.  Brooks liked to come up on the bed with me to see Keely :)

 Brooks has warmed up to her well and likes to just look at her....
And kiss her....
And rock her....he just needs to learn to be a little more gentle! :)

 My two May babies :)

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The Burgess family said...

Those are some great photos. We can't wait to meet her!