Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've discovered that I am a person who likes routines.  Perhaps I have passed this on to my first born a little too much because he definitely likes routine! If we try and do a basic daily routine (like what we eat, how we eat it, or what cup a certain drink is in) we normally have meltdowns! I've been trying to work with Brooks and help him be ok with change, but I think it will be an ongoing struggle for awhile! Brooks still only eats a few things for lunch and supper (chicken nuggets, corn on the cob, peas, bread, cucumbers, sometimes green beans, sometimes cucumbers, and maybe every now and then broccoli) We have been trying all the time to get him to try new things and finally got him to try carrots the other day, but he complains that they are too cold (even if I give them to him at room temperature now!)  Other than eating struggles, Brooks is a pretty happy little boy.  He loves to run around outside, loves Cheyenne, loves Veggie Tales, and still loves his iPod :).  He makes us laugh everyday with new expressions he says or comes up with.  I will try and take the time to write some down here in the next few weeks and put them up here!

Anyway, not much has been going on in our lives the past couple weeks out of the ordinary, so here are just some pictures from our daily 'routines'.
Keely loves her playmat and is starting to really 'play' with the toys on it

 Meal time....always a struggle, but a good time for Blake to catch up with Brooks on what happened during the day
 Keely got in on some story times this week

 Brooks loves to jump!
 My pretty girl....

 Keely still loves her bath time!
 We had Brooks hold Keely the other night.  He had fun, not sure Keely enjoyed it a lot, but it was pretty cute!

Both kids really like the Bumpo we are borrowing from a friend.  I actually think Brooks enjoys it more.  Can't believe the kid still fits in it! Oh well, it's like a new 'toy' for him!  He thought it was hilarious to put the Bumpo on the chair....After I got my picture, he was told it was not funny and not to do it again!
 Keely does a good job sitting in it, and it's nice to have a place for her to sit up without holding her!

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Cody said...

He must be part Mennonite - change isn't good! :)