Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Last night was a pretty major milestone in our little Brooks' life.  We moved him from the crib to a big boy bed! We've been talking about moving him for a while, but just kept stalling because he sleeps so well in his crib that we didn't want to disrupt that.  But with Keely needing to use the crib because she has started to roll over a few times, we just needed to take the leap to a big bed.  A few weeks ago I had bought some new sheets for Brooks' bed.  I bought a sports themed sheet set and comforter becuase it would match the decorations I have for his room (they are completed and ready to hang up since before Keely was born, but they have yet to be hung....oops).  However, then I got to thinking that he has plenty of time to have 'big kid' sheets and practical ones that he won't necessarily outgrow the theme, so why not get him something really fun for now.  So when I was at Target last week, I found the perfect ones.  Angry Bird sheets! Brooks was so excited! He helped me get them out of the package yesterday and really wanted to use them for nap time in his crib, but I told him I had to wash them and he needed to wait until the big boy bed was up.  After naps, I took Brooks and Keely to Lichti's furniture here in York.  I let Brooks get on several of the mattresses and 'pick out' the one for his bed.  He thought it was so much fun! Luckily we were able to convince him that the cheap, starter mattress was the one he wanted! :)  Blake met us there and we got the mattress loaded and home.  Then we told Brooks we'd take him out for supper anywhere he wanted...of course he said Applebee's, so that's where we went.  Then we drove to my sister's house to get the bed frame from Katy's room (her kids are moving to bunk beds, so we got the hand-me-down bed that my brother had used as a kid!)  When we got home, Brooks was so excited to put up his new bed and use the Angry Bird sheets!
 We weren't sure that he would ever be able to fall asleep with all the excitement! He kept throwing his big Angry Bird at the green fun!
Keely got to hang out in the crib while we got the bed put together.
 We are now going to read him his books in his bed and say our prayers before we go to sleep...trying to get a 'big boy' routine for bedtime
 He loved it when we 'tucked' him in.  He has never slept with a sheet on him, just a small blanket that doesn't usually stay on him all night, so I wasn't sure how he'd like it, but he thought it was great!

 Brooks did so well in his bed.  He didn't wake up this morning until 8:30! The first thing he said to me when I came to get him out was, 'Brooks didn't fall down!'  No, he didn't fall out and did great staying in bed all night!  He was still so excited about it and had to show me all the birds again this morning.
 And wanted to wear his angry bird shirt grandma had bought him
One thing that really surprised both Blake and I was that he did not want any of his old stuffed animal 'friends' in his bed with him!  We asked him if he wanted Junior, Ace Bear, Owl, or Scout in bed last night and he said no! Just Black Angry Bird.  We asked him a second time, just to be sure, and he said "no, put in crib.  They are Keely's!" We were shocked! Apparently he thinks they belong in the crib and that they should be passed down to Keely along with the crib! Such a sweet big brother! I don't think we are going to give her owl or ace bear because those are pretty special to Brooks, but perhaps Junior can move on to her :) 

Anyway, we had so much fun yesterday getting Brooks his big boy bed and hopefully he will continue to sleep well in it...guess we'll see at nap time today! I'm a little worried how Keely will take to sleeping in the crib tonight because she hasn't really slept completely flat for a long time now.  (The bassinet napper I have for the pack-n-play is a little more cradling and keeps her head slightly propped up.) But she hasn't been sleeping through the night anymore anyway, so getting up with her won't be too much out of the ordinary...just hope it's not too often!
One more thing, this morning when I showered, Brooks wanted to play the iPod and Angry Birds on his Angry Bird bed.  So cute!

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