Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Even though Brooks has acted a little jealous of Keely when she takes up so much of mommy's time, he really does love his little sister.  He thinks everything she does and says is hilarious and likes to make sounds back at her whenever she starts 'talking' to us.  Blake said he heard him go up to her the other day a say, 'hi cutie'.  He likes to give her toys, let me know if she spit up, (or starts sliding out of her bouncy seat...we now have to make sure she's strapped in!), or give her kisses.  Here are just some pictures of the past couple weeks of the two of them. 
 Brooks showing Keely some toys.  She is really starting to love to be entertained by toys, but then gets mad because she can't quite control her arms and hands to hold them for long periods of time.  So it worked well to have Brooks show them to her.
Brooks thinks it's hilarious that Keely chews on her fists.  He likes to make fun of her by copying her.  The other day he saw a picture of himself when he was little chewing on his fist, and he thought that was pretty funny!
 Watching tv was probably America's Funniest Home Videos. That is Brooks' favorite show these days!
 Laughing at the fist thing again....
 Look at me Keely! He always wants her to look at him.  She usually does cause watching Brooks is one of the better ways to entertain her right now!

 Love these two :)

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