Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Summer Fun

Here are just a few more pictures of what we've been up to this summer.
Playing with the splash table has been fun for both Brooks and Keely

 Brooks decided to 'bob for the penguin'
 Got it!!
 Keely and her 2 tooth grin...she is now finally cutting 3 top teeth (maybe 4) so this smile will change real soon!
 We went to help out at my sister's garage sale a few weeks ago.  Brooks really enjoyed running around playing with Lane and Katy.  All three of them even went over to Great Grandma Jost's house for about an hour and a half and played with her toys.  Apparently they all had a really good time together! Keely got to play a little with Scarlett
 and take a nap on Grandma's lap
 and eat most of my pizza!
 Playing in a bucket of water and of our favorite summer toys, but Keely can't seem to understand not to put the rocks in her mouth! Very frustrating for me!
 But she's just too cute!
 Here are some pictures of Brooks and his big blowup bowling pins!

 Keely likes them too, and much to Brooks' annoyance, she knocks them down a lot.  Even with a car!

 We have played out in our little pool once and Brooks thought it was so much fun!

Keely was not impressed with the cold water, but played for a little bit
She was more interested in the hose!
And finally, we brought out Brooks' little tiger chair, and Keely has loved having a place to sit in our living room.  It also satisfies her need for climbing on something!

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