Sunday, June 23, 2013

Golfing with Dad

Brooks has really enjoyed watching golf on tv this spring/summer.  He loves watching the players hit the ball in the holes.  We have a plastic golf set downstairs that Brooks has loved playing with.  A few times Blake brought out some real golf clubs and balls when we are outside and we let Brooks try and hit the balls in the grass.  Brooks has been talking about going golfing himself for quite sometime, so finally this past Tuesday night, Blake decided to take Brooks to the Henderson course.  We weren't sure he would stay entertained the whole 9 holes and thought maybe he would get bored after awhile.  Were we ever wrong! Brooks had so much fun and got super sad when Blake said it was the last hole.  It helped that a b t every hole, Blake let Brooks hit a real golf ball into the hole with his little plastic putter.  Brooks was in heaven.  He loved every minute of it!

 He made it!
 Jumping up and down cheering that he made it in the hole!

 Brooks really liked going with Daddy, but I'm not sure he thinks Blake is a very good golfer.  After the first couple of shots, Brooks told Blake, "Daddy, you are gonna have do better than that!" Blake said they were actually decent shots, but Brooks just thinks that every shot should go into the hole! 

On Friday, Blake played in a golf tournament for the Living Water Rescue Mission here in York.  His friend John came up from Kansas to play with Blake and a couple of others from our church.  When Blake and John left the house that morning, Brooks was so sad that he couldn't go along this time.  So on Saturday morning, Blake thought it would be fun for Brooks to go golfing again, so he and John took Brooks with them to Henderson to play.  This time they did 18 holes, and Brooks had just as much fun as he did the first time!
 He even got to take the flag out of the hole

I think we may have a golfer on our hands...but I don't think Blake will mind if this becomes their father/son time!  Brooks has since said that "Daddy is a good golfer, but Brooks is a REALLY good golfer!"

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Anonymous said...

Loved this post and pictures!
He is such a sports nut!
Love it!
G-ma B.