Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bird Watcher

Ever since Blake put up a couple of bird feeders in our backyard, Brooks has started watching birds.  But only in the past couple months has he really become fascinated by them.  Fortunately we have a great backyard for attracting birds and we get several brightly colored ones for him to enjoy.  Blake has also started carrying a new brand of birdseed at the store, and since we have switched, we have seen so many more kinds of birds.  It's actually kinda fun to see all the different kinds!  We have seen a couple different kinds of nuthatches (never knew these even existed!), yellow finches, house finches, juncos, bluejays, and cardinals.  Brooks' favorite ones are definitely the cardinals and bluejays.  He'll stand by the back doors saying, "do do, do do, do do!" (Which is his word for bird...not really sure why?) if he sees one back there.  He also loves to find the picture of the birds we are looking at in the Birds of Nebraska book we have.  Sometimes it gets old hearing "do do, do do, do do!!!!" all the time, especially when we are driving and he thinks he sees them everywhere! But we are glad that he can enjoy this part of nature. 

I saw the cardinal mommy!!!!
We also have a stuffed cardinal we got at an Ace Show
After thinking some more on it, perhaps his fascination with birds also comes from the fact that his favorite ipod game is Angry Birds...hmmmm.   Oh well, at least he knows the real ones are pretty cool to watch too!


Cody said...

Sounds like he's taking after his grandpa!! Maybe we should've gotten him binoculars as a Christmas gift? ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of him checking out the bird book. So fun to see him taking such an interest in birds.
Mom B