Saturday, December 10, 2011


So last weekend we had our first substantial snow of the season.  While most people complain, I actually love it! I think it's so pretty and makes it feel so much more like the holiday season! Brooks enjoyed watching it fall all day on Saturday, and then Sunday afternoon we went out to play in it a little.  We could not get Brooks to wear his mittens without screaming, so we didn't stay out very long.  For the short time we were out though, he seemed to like it!  And today we walked downtown York to do a little Christmas shopping, and Brooks wanted to step on every snow/ice patch he could.  Here are some pictures of Brooks with his first experience playing in the snow. 

Here is the fit he threw with mittens on

Crunching snow with his boots
 He looks like a gray snowman with his poofy snowsuit!

Maybe later in the season we can get him to understand gloves/mittens are okay and warm so we can spend longer playing!  His poor little hands were so cold! At least the snowsuit sleeves were somewhat long and could cover his hands a little!

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