Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

It has been so fun to watch Brooks enjoy the Christmas season this year.  He loves coming home after dark and seeing our Christmas lights on the house.  He always says "ights! ights! Dada."  Dada is added in there because Brooks watched Blake climb the ladder and put them up.  Brooks also likes the Christmas tree and wants it turned on right away every morning and lets me know if I don't have it on yet by saying, "off, ights, off."  Here are some fun pictures of the decorating process this year!

When we were putting up the tree, I think Brooks was more impressed with the blanket I use as a tree skirt than the actual tree.  He thought it was pretty fun!

 He wasn't too impressed with the Santa hat, but at least we got it on long enough for a picture!
  Cheyenne had to get in on the fun too! I don't think she was impressed either!
Brooks loved putting the ornaments on the tree.  He would hand me a box and would look at each one before we put it up.  He cried when we were all done and all the boxes were empty!

Brooks and Blake had fun putting up a manager scene that Blake had when he was growing up.  It is breakable, but Brooks does really well leaving it alone now that it's up.  Sometimes he'll walk up to it, look at it, and clap!  So cute! He loves it!

Here is how Brooks set it up...funny! 
I don't have a picture of it after Blake fixed it, but it does look like a normal scene :).  Can't wait to celebrate Christmas as a family and watch Brooks enjoy the full extent of gift opening and fun with cousins!  I think we will hear a lot of "wow, wow, wow!"s (which is one of Brooks' favorite ways of expressing his excitement!)

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