Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sugar Wafers

Brooks' favorite cookies are those sugar wafer cookies that come in strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavor.  He first got to try one at the bank next door to Ace when Blake took Brooks with him to deposit the daily store cash.  Now that he knows he gets cookies at the bank, he loves going there with Dad.  So almost everyday after I get done counting the money, I hand the bank bag(s) to Brooks who anxiously runs to daddy ready to go to the bank.  Apparently there are certain kinds of cookies the bank has some days that Brooks doesn't like, so the bank ladies have a package of sugar wafers in the back room fridge just for him on those days.  Spoiled little boy!  By chance, the ornament great-grandma Reimer got him last year for Christmas has a pink sugar wafer as the top of the train cab.  Brooks noticed this right away!
The past couple of days I have caught him trying to eat the cookie off the ornament!  Today when I asked him if he wanted to go to the grocery store with me, he said, "cookie?"  I knew he wanted me to buy some sugar wafer cookies like his ornament, so I said, sure, we can get a package of cookies.  (this was the first time I have bought them for him)  He was so excited! All through the grocery store, he kept reminding me by saying, 'cookie, cookie?' Finally we got to the cookie isle, I grabbed the package off the shelf and he held it the rest of the time!  He was pointing out all the colors of the package, 'ink' (pink), 'ellow' (yellow) and 'rown' (brown).  At home I let him try each flavor.  Pink was his favorite :)

  Spoiled little boy.  Now to get him to understand they are not an 'everyday' cookie and only every once in awhile!  He seems to have too good of a memory that this might become a problem!


Cody said...

Those are Curtis' favorite too!

The Burgess family said...

He's one sharp cookie himself! ;)